Humble brag.

It is hard to explain what this group has meant to me and my family. Each person has taught me something and continues to. They are all unique individuals with different perspectives and context; however, somehow we work as a unit. Most of us interact daily. Who would have thought that grown adults would act like teenage girls on WhatsApp? Some have opened their homes to me and my family, one has pulled me out of roaring rapids and all have opened their hearts. In the days that followed my decision to leave my job, the women wrapped their arms around me. One gave me and my kids shelter by the beach while she and her husband coached me. When Jeff was scared about the notion of this trip, another made an appearance at our home at the most perfect moment, offering excitement and inspiration for our adventure. Most of all, this group has held me accountable to making the most of this life. I'm forever grateful to these role models and I hope that I live up to the honor of making their team. I dedicate this trip to them and my AGLN fellows for giving me the courage to do it. But for the fellowship...

Note: while not all are pictured below, this photo embodies the spirit of our connection. #SOA #HCFXX #MFLDT