Losing it!

As we were exiting the plane I grabbed my mom's hand. We started walking towards the E-Visa, then my mom realized that my dad was not with us. We started to worry, so my mom asked to borrow someone's phone to contact my dad. Their phone was not working (like the rest of us). We went over to a non-crowded area and I spotted my dad at the top of the elevator with my brother. I lifted my hand up and he waved. He ran towards us and we got situated in the E-Visa line. After getting our passports checked and all that jazz we walked over to our tour guide (Anu). He greeted us with beautiful flower necklaces with an amazing smell. We got in the car and I realized that something was different, the driver was on the right side! I rested my head on my backpack hoping to get some sleep when all of the sudden I hear, HONK! Every car, or motorcycle, was packed together like a sandwich. There were no lanes for the cars and I thought that everybody was going crash. An hour later, we got to this massive hotel. We walked up to our room and when I walked in I was spoiled. I walked out side seeing a pool and a bed on a balcony! I immediately set my stuff on my bed and got in my bathing suit. Then, I figured out that I was sleeping in the same bed as my brother! I figured out a plan. I'm putting multiple pillows between us. Hopefully that works. When I got out of the pool I had to take a pill. I have never taken a pill before and I was not excited about this. I put water in my mouth, then the pill and swallowed! I was so happy! Then I tried to take the other ones. That did not work out. I don't know what happened but I could not take the pill. My dad told me he had a pill crusher because he figured this would happen. We crushed the pill and put the powder in some apple sauce. Ew! The powder tasted so gross! I finally finished the terrible apple sauce and went down stairs for dinner. I had mac and cheese. I know what you are thinking. I'm in India and I should eat Indian food, but don't worry this is just hotel food. After dinner my mom's friend Karma came by. Yes, Karma. He told us some great stories and then we said our goodbyes and headed up for bed. Now I am writing this letter. 

Amelia in delhi.jpeg