Birthday in Bhutan.

Today I woke up and my mom came and sat next to me and sang happy birthday in the weirdest ways she knows like 20 times. I honestly don’t know what happened.  Then we got dressed for Tiger’s Nest and went down stairs for breakfast. I was hoping they had some sort of pancakes, but when I looked at the menu I saw chocolate pancakes! It’s like that menu was made for me! I finished them up and even finished part of my brothers for him. When the van was ready and we got all the snacks we could find and we got in. It was an easy 10-minute drive to the base of Tiger’s Nest. My mom and I got a hiking stick and we were ready to hike! As we were walking up we saw horses; a lot of them. We were walking up and it felt really easy to me. Before I knew it, we were standing on the halfway point. We walked up some more and I could tell that the hike was getting harder. After a while we had to walk down and then we walked up a billion stairs. Finally, we got to Tiger’s Nest. We did not learn much because our other guide basically told us more information than I would learn in a whole school year about everything you need to know about Bhutan. We lit a candle for my birthday, that was so cool! When we were done, we walked back to the trail and made it down in half the time that it had taken us to get up there. We went back to the hotel and I took a shower. After I got out of the shower I saw my dad videotaping and a cake that said, Happy Birthday Amelia on it. I don’t know why at this moment because I had a towel wrapped around me. But, it was amazing! We cut open the cake and…it had layers of chocolate in it! I took a bite from it, so yummy! Then, me and my brother and my dad played darts until the van got here. I hit it on the bullseye! Soon, the van got here. We got to a different hotel where I was told that I was getting a hot stone bath. After, we played archery and I got presents from our guides, a Bhutan soccer jersey and a really cool pencil bag. Next, was the cultural performances. They were so good, but at the end I was falling asleep. Some of them wore masks and jumped around and there was even an archery dance. Finally, we went home and had some dinner and went to bed.