The pink city.

This morning we woke up at around 7:45 - our first day of good sleep until I was woken up by Amelia who was dying to go down and eat some breakfast. We went down and I had traditional definitely non-American waffles. Then we went with our guide Shiv to the royal palace of Jaipur and the king was in the building but we never saw him. He is 19 years old. I could not be the king of Rajasthan at only 19. After that we went to some shops in the heart of Jaipur. The shops were so cool and funny. The shops where about the size as a storage unit but it was made completely out of concrete. It was very interesting because the shops all were selling the same thing for about 20 shops down. The three different shops were for dresses, for bracelets and for toys/food. After that we went to lunch at a cool place where we ate quickly. Amelia had a lemonade and they brought out sugar water and I poured all of it into the lemonade but it ended up being one of the best lemonades ever. After that we went to a clothes and carpet store. We got out of the car and were immediately greeted. Amelia was asked if she wanted to make some block print and she started by making an outline then used different blocks to color it in. We then where showed the whole process of making a camel fur carpet in only 5 minutes and 4 steps. Step one was to make the rug, the guy who was making them showed me how to make the rug but I only helped a little. Then there was a step where you burned the carpet to make it to where it would never slide. Then they would cut it with scissors to take off about 3 layers of the carpet to make the design clearer. Then we went up to the rug room where they showed us some rugs and we ended up getting one that was made in a Jaipur design. We then went downstairs to the  area where we got lots of clothes and gifts and I ended up getting a custom dress shirt. After almost 3 hours of shopping we went to the hotel and I got a foot massage; it was very relaxing.