Solar dogs.

Today we woke up ready to hike! We had a 45-minute drive to the bridge, which is the start of the hike to the Chagri Monastery. Walking up the trail you see a carving of a Buddha in a huge rock. The start of the hike was all uphill, then more uphill and a little bit more uphill. Then, we stopped at a small Stupa, which is a small temple where they bury important relics. After, we walked up some more and got up to a monastery. When we got to the temple we had to take off our shoes, before entering. Once inside, we learned about the three statues. Then we lit the butter candles. When we were lighting the butter candles we all prayed for someone or something we care about. Then, the monk said a blessing for our family. We walked down the trail and had a picnic lunch. All of the sudden, dogs were surrounding us wanting all of our food. Our guide told us that they were “solar dogs”, which means they are asleep in the sun all day and awake at night. Next, we went to the Royal Textile Museum. There we saw a bunch of cool Kiras and Ghos, which is the national dress of Bhutan. We also watched a video of people making them and the different styles and patterns in the different regions in Bhutan. Finally, we went to a huge temple of a golden Buddha on the top of a mountain. It is 169 feet tall and all of it was made out of brass! That must have been a lot of brass! Ending the day, we had dinner trying local Bhutanese types of food. Spicy!

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solar dogs.jpg