So far, the most powerful part of our trips has been the ubuntu. It was my biggest hope for this trip and has proven true - connection to and compassion for others from different backgrounds has been the best part. 

Then in came Bruno. He was our skipper for 6 days of sailing the dalmatian islands. At 25, he impressed me with his ability to plan, multi-task and read our interests. He was hard working, super social and dreamed big. 

One of the highlights for me was a dinner he arranged on a farm on the island of Vis. We had Peka and a 5 course spread that was harvested straight from the grounds we were on and sea that we overlocked. Anchovies, sardines, arugula, proscuitto, sheeps milk cheeses, pea soup, risotto, sea food pasta, veal peka and home-made cheesecake made from ricotta and tart cherries. We even drank wine produced by the magical couple who had escaped city life to raise their children in a simpler enviornment. The husband, Phillip, had been a chef all over Europe and the wife, Maritza, glowed from her own home-made salt scrubs and rose-coconut skin care concoctions. It was a magical night. Made possible by a family that opened their home to us and a skipper young enough to be my own son.

However, the real connection found was between Bruno and Q. There was something about Quentin that put an instant smile on Bruno’s face. He would laugh at his antics. Q nick-named him Brunski and would tease him until Bruno would lift him up and threaten to throw him off the boat. As Bruno prepared scampi for us, Q watched him cook and said: Every girl wishes she had a Bruno. In that sentence, he summed up his mutual admiration. On our last night together, Bruno expressed concern about the fact that Q wasn’t playing a sport and drinking too much Coke. He stressed that we needed to get him into Tennis or Soccer, suggesting that he could be the next Messi because of his size. It was the sort of conversation that you have with family. 

When it was time to say our good-byes, there were hugs and misty eyes (reminding me of our guides in Bhutan.) Bruno hugged Q, then looked into his eyes and said to Q, you will be a star. 

I have a feeling Bruno will be too.


Q and bruno.jpg
Q and Bruno

Q and Bruno