Graduation do-over.

This year Quentin graduated from middle school and Amelia from elementary. It was a big milestone that we interrupted our travels to return for. However, due to the fact that we un-enrolled the kids, there was a bit of a hiccup with Amelia's graduation. 

There she was all dressed up and excited to be with her class. And when the moment came to call her name...they didn't. They skipped right over her. (It appeared that they had pulled the list while we were out, even though she had been back for some time.) Luckily, one of her classmates jumped from behind the stage and alerted everyone. They then called her name but it was awkward and they had no diploma for her. It wasn't exactly what Amelia had pictured.

So, we decided to surprise the kids and do a do-over graduation. Upon arriving back in Trogir, at the end of our sailing adventures, we started blaring pomp and circumstance, had giant lollipop diplomas, a cap (well, a captain's hat anyway) and sprayed them down in champagne. I think that Amelia approved.

grad amelia.jpg
grad Q.jpg
grad harper.jpg
grad arden.jpg
group grads.jpg