I think I'm turning Japanese.

Jeff and I had the amazing good fortune of being invited to Japan to share an epic experience with some of the people that we have fallen in love with. Note: these are the same people that inspired us to kick off this journey so it seemed only fitting that we cap it and the year with them.

While the jet lag has me fuzzy and still processing, I can't help but think of John Maeda’s, The Laws of Simplicity. Whether we were at Senso-Ji, The Mori or just observing the beauty of the Japanese culture, we saw each of the laws in full effect in Tokyo: Law 1: Reduce, Law 2: Organize, Law 3: Time Law 4: Learn, Law 5: Differences, Law 6: Context, Law 7: Emotion, Law 8: Trust, Law 9: Failure, Law 10: The One.

As I sat down to write this blog, I found myself applying examples of each law to the Japanese culture but then began to think about how they also apply to real, meaningful relationships; and, of course, I also see a parallel in them to this year and now my job search. It really is mesmerizing how much you can pull from them and draw correlation to.

Rather than spell it out, I invite you to check them out and see what they mean to you.