Baby I'm back (at least for today).

In the day that I have been back in Austin, I have seen that India and Bhutan is very different. For example, I don’t have to look for a water bottle whenever I need water. Or when I am craving a certain food, it is easy to get that food. In India you only really can eat a certain range of food - like rice, chicken, curry, and spicy stuff. But in Austin you have the choice on nearly anything. It is also cool to see the different kinds of snacks. For example, they have different size sodas and different flavored Lays. This goes for Bhutan too. Another example of how things are different is the traffic. Honking is for letting people know you are here and honking in Austin is when you almost get hit, or do. If I lived in India I would think Austin is weird but I don’t. But now coming from India, I don’t think (India) is weird. I think it is unique.