The heart of Mexico.

This morning we are leaving for the final leg of this first segment of travel. (As a reminder, due to my job search and the kids graduating from elementary and middle school this year, we are breaking this into quarterly trips.) 

While the first 3 weeks were intense, averaging 2 nights per city, multiple flights, train rides and road trips, this leg allows us to “slow travel". We will actually rest our heads on the same pillow for the next couple of weeks and immerse ourselves fully in San Miguel de Allende. This portion of our travel is also different in that my parents, sister and niece are joining us. Jeff pointed out to me a few days ago that this is our first time traveling together with my parents in 10 years and its been over 20 years since we have travelled with my sister. 

San Miguel may not seem like an “off the beaten path” choice; however, it was a deliberate decision to experience Semana Santa. After these 5 weeks are complete, our kids will have touched 5 religions, across 3 cultures. As a family, we have never belonged to a place of worship but I do consider us to be spiritual. Interestingly enough, when we asked the kids what they wanted to bring back from our trips, Q stated that he wanted to start attending church. A surprise, given that we have dragged the kid to over 50+ temples in the last few weeks! I thought for sure we had burned them out but instead it lit something up. 

We look forward to continuing to find connection to ourselves, our family and the community that we are living in. 

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