Las mañanitas.

We have definitely been slow rolling it since arriving in San Miguel. As you can tell, we have even slacked on our posts. It was been a welcome reprieve to the intensity of the last 3 weeks.

Yesterday we celebrated Quentin's 14th birthday. We kicked it off in grand fashion, surprising him with Mariachis before breakfast. They entered the home, 3 generations in matching cream suits,  singing Las Mañanitas at the top of their lungs. They then surrounded us in the courtyard and continued his private concert. They danced, laughed and messed with him. My mom, who had just showered, danced in her robe. My father sang along. It was a moment that we will never forget (and something that I am considering making a tradition). 

The rest of the day was spent strolling, napping, eating, drinking and (of course) surfing local real estate listings.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Q. I love you.