Long adventure.

(Editor's note: we took the last week off from posting. We decided that we all needed a real vacation. We have now wrapped our first 5 week stint of travel and below you will find Amelia's unedited closing comments. More to come!)

Right now, I am on the airplane headed back home. When we were in San Miguel my mom kept on asking me, what did you experience on this trip? And, what did you learn? I told her I did not know. I was still sucking it all in, but now I do know what this trip meant. My mom took us on this trip to experience something that not a lot of people get to experience. Not only did I see how different every culture is, I also experienced their life style. I realized that it did not matter if they lived on the side walk or in a really bad neighborhood, they all had a style of living. It all worked for them. It might not be our Austin, but it is good enough for them because of the people around them. I have learned way more on this trip than I can imagine. I learned about culture, all the temples, the community and so much more! One thing I learned is, how much this trip makes me appreciate home. Throughout this trip I have missed, my classmates, my friends, my dog, my bed, and my teacher. Something that shocked me was how I did not miss my phone. I loved playing cards with my brother, and having conversations with my family. This trip has meant so much to me and one day I hope to bring my kids on a trip this big.