What did I get out of this trip?

This was more than a trip. I felt like we were literally living in another world. We didn’t make it seem like we were really there just to see things. Our first day we were greeted with flowers and that made us feel good. It showed us that people who have never met you care about you. Also, what I got from it is that people almost practice religion like it is a job so I would like to take that sort of dedication into my school work and just effort in life. Also, I have learned to never take the easy way out, because if you can endure this kind of trip you can do pretty much anything. But the main thing I took from the trip was to treat people how you would like to be treated. We have learned to do this since pre-k, but now that I did this trip I now treat people better than I want to be treated. Because there is always more that you can do to help.