FU Part 2.

Ok, so booking a flight out on the last day of school and a double graduation may have been a bit aggressive on my part. Nothing says FU (Finding Ubuntu) like getting the hell out of town as fast as we possibly can. The scramble today took its toll on my kids. What was supposed to be an exciting and fun way to close out their school year became stressful. Good-byes were rushed, fits were thrown, parties (and a funeral) were missed, tears were shed. These days I am feeling less emboldened and more guilty. Perhaps everyone would just be better off if I just took a job and got out of their hair. 

While I embarked on this plan to show my kids the world and what life outside of their phones and bubble was like, I am now realizing how egotistical that was. It is actually working out to be the other way around. In The Conscious Parent, Dr. Shefali Tsabary states that our children are born, not to be fixed by us but to teach us. I’m reminded of Q’s reaction to India - where I saw poverty, he saw community. 

This is all to say that while this next leg to Italy, Croatia and France is certainly a different trip (and hardly off to the same auspicious start as the last one), I’m open to what it will bring. I think that we (I) all need it.